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Smart Wallets
Discover the style and security of a smart wallet.

Shopping for the latest Smart Wallet.

How does a smart wallet work?

A smart wallet is an advanced wallet that incorporates various features to enhance convenience, security and protection. 

What features consumers should look for when buying a smart wallet?

  1. RFID Blocking: One of the key benefits of a smart wallet is its RFID blocking capability. RFID technology is used in many contactless cards, including credit cards, passports and access cards. However, it also presents a potential security risk, as thieves can use portable RFID readers to steal your personal information without physical contact. A smart wallet with RFID blocking technology creates a protective barrier that prevents unauthorised scanning, ensuring your sensitive data remains safe and secure.

  2. Pop-Up Card Holder: Many smart wallets feature a convenient pop-up card holder mechanism. This design allows you to access your credit and debit cards easily and efficiently. With a simple push, the card holder fans out your cards, providing quick access to the one you need. This feature eliminates the hassle of digging through a traditional wallet, making transactions smoother and more convenient.

  3. Apple AirTag / Bluetooth Tracker Holder: The inclusion of an AirTag / Bluetooth Tracker holder in a smart wallet offers an additional layer of security and peace of mind. By securely attaching a tracking device to your wallet, you can track its location using a smartphone app. If your wallet is misplaced or lost, you can use the app to pinpoint its exact location, making it easier to retrieve or recover.

We offer a wide range of smart wallets and we're confident you'll find the one you're looking for.

A smart wallet is a practical and secure accessory. With RFID blocking, you can protect your sensitive information from digital theft. The pop-up card holder enhances accessibility and convenience when accessing your cards. The AirTag / Bluetooth tracker holder ensures that you can keep track of your wallet's location, reducing the chances of losing it permanently. By choosing a smart wallet with these features, you can enjoy the benefits of enhanced security, ease of use, and added peace of mind in your daily life. Shop now for free delivery.

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