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Laptop Sleeves & Bags
Sleek and stylish sleeves and bags designed to provide protection, organisation and style for your laptop.

Shopping for the latest Laptop Sleeves & Bags.
Your laptop, tablet or notebook isn't just a piece of hardware; it's an essential tool that holds your valuable data and connects you to the digital world. Our range of laptop sleeves and bags offer reliable protection while allowing you to stay organised and stylish on the go.

Do I Need a Laptop Sleeve if You Have a Laptop Bag?

While laptop bags provide ample space for your device and accessories, a laptop sleeve adds an extra layer of protection. A slim and lightweight sleeve shields your laptop or notebook from dust, scratches and minor impacts, making it an excellent accessory even within a larger bag.

What are the Differences Between a Laptop Bag and a Laptop Sleeve?

A laptop bag is a versatile accessory designed to carry not only your laptop but also other essentials like power adapters, wireless headphones and charging cables. On the other hand, a laptop sleeve is a slim, form-fitting case specifically tailored to protect your device from minor hazards. Both serve distinct purposes, with sleeves focusing on protection and bags offering storage and organisation.

Laptop Bags:


  1. Size and Capacity: Laptop bags are typically larger and offer more storage space for not just the laptop but also other accessories, documents and also personal items such as wallets.

  2. Organisation: Laptop bags often come with multiple compartments, pockets and dividers to help you organise and carry various accessories like chargers, cables, stylus pens, powerbanks, and more.

  3. Versatility: They are designed to be multi-functional and can often accommodate additional devices such as tablets, e-readers, smartphones and even personal items like water bottles or snacks.

  4. Carrying Options: Laptop bags usually come with various carrying options like handles, shoulder straps and sometimes even backpack-style straps for comfort and convenience especially when working on the go.

  5. Protection: While laptop bags provide some level of protection, they may not offer as much padding and shock absorption as laptop sleeves.

Laptop Sleeves:

  1. Form-Fitting Design: Laptop sleeves are designed to fit a laptop snugly, providing a slim and lightweight layer of protection.

  2. Minimalist: They are primarily focused on protecting the laptop or notebook from scratches, dust and minor impacts, rather than carrying a lot of additional items and devices.

  3. Portability: Due to their minimal design, laptop sleeves are highly portable and easy to slip into larger bags or carry under your arm.

  4. Shock Absorption: Laptop sleeves also offer varying degrees of shock absorption, depending on the thickness of the padding. Thicker sleeves provide more impact protection especially for those unexpected accidents.

  5. Quick Access: Laptop sleeves are great for quick access and are ideal for situations where you need to carry your laptop within another bag or simply want to carry your laptop without any extra weight.

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