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Bluetooth Keyboards & Cases
Transform your tablet with our range of versatile Bluetooth Keyboards & Cases for improved productivity.

Discover our range of Bluetooth Keyboards & Cases.


Discover the perfect Bluetooth Keyboard & Case for your Apple iPad or Microsoft Surface Tab here! Browse our collection, featuring high quality affordable brands such as Baseus, ESR, Essager and Orey, ensuring optimal protection and style.

Why should I buy a Bluetooth Keyboard and Case?

A Bluetooth keyboard and case is a versatile device designed to improve the functionality and versatility of an Apple iPad or Microsoft Surface Tab. The case typically features a built-in Bluetooth keyboard that connects wirelessly to your iOS or Android tablet, offering a physical keyboard for faster and more efficient typing. Bluetooth keyboards and cases are commonly used by professionals, students and anyone seeking a more productive and comfortable typing experience.

What are the benefits of buying a Bluetooth Keyboard and Case?

  • Enhanced Productivity: With a physical keyboard and integrated touchpad, you can boost your productivity significantly. Typing emails, writing documents and messages becomes faster and more efficient, while the touchpad facilitates precise cursor control and smooth navigation around your tablet.

  • Seamless Connectivity: The latest Bluetooth technology ensures seamless wireless connectivity between your tablet and the keyboard, eliminating the need for tangled wires and cord. It allows you to connect and control your tablet effortlessly.

  • Portability and Protection: Bluetooth cases are designed to safeguard your device while maintaining its portability. They provide sturdy protection against scratches, bumps and minor impacts, all while being slim and lightweight.

  • Versatility: Bluetooth keyboards and cases are compatible with various devices, regardless of the operating system. Whether you use an Apple iPad or an Android tablet, you can enjoy the convenience of a physical keyboard and touchpad.

  • Long Battery Life: Bluetooth keyboards have energy-efficient designs, ensuring extended usage without frequent recharging. Many models boast long-lasting battery life.

  • Seamless Navigation: Most Bluetooth keyboards feature an integrated touchpad that lets you navigate your tablet with ease, just like using a laptop touchpad or wireless mouse. It enables precise control over the cursor, making tasks like web browsing, document editing, switching between apps, and content scrolling effortless.

  • Multi-Device Support: Some Bluetooth keyboards can connect to multiple devices simultaneously. This feature allows you to switch between devices, such as your tablet and smartphone, with a simple keystroke.


Enjoy the convenience and efficiency of a Bluetooth case and keyboard for your mobile device. At - the online gadget store, we offer a wide range of high-quality Bluetooth keyboards and cases that cater to your needs, all with Free Delivery. Enhance your productivity, streamline your typing, and enjoy the freedom of Bluetooth connectivity.

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