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AMAZFIT GTR 2 1.39" Smart Watch Review

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

Introducing the AMAZFIT GTR 2 1.39" Smart Watch, a cutting-edge piece of wearable tech with a vibrant 1.39-inch display, fitness tracking capabilties and enhanced user interface. Let's delve into why this watch is a real contender in the smart watch market.

Design & Build

The AMAZFIT GTR 2 1.39" Smart Watch boasts a design that seamlessly marries strength and practicality. The robust design ensures durability for everyday use even for those who lead a physical life-style. The sleek and modern aesthetic makes this smart watch a stylish accessory for any occasion, whether you're hitting the gym or attending a formal event.

Display Size & Quality

The 1.39" HD Color AMOLED Display steals the spotlight, offering vivid visuals with sharp details. The touch-sensitive screen is responsive, making navigation a breeze. So, whether you're checking notifications or tracking your fitness progress, the display's clarity ensures you don't miss out on any detail.

Multiple Sports Modes

With an impressive 90 pre-installed sports modes, the AMAZFIT GTR 2 1.39" Smart Watch adapts to your active lifestyle. One of the benefits you'll expeirence is the smart recognition of six sport modes, which eliminates the need for manual selection, seamlessly integrating into your workout routine.

Health & Fitness Monitoring

Harnessing the latest technology, the AMAZFIT GTR 2 1.39" Smart Watch excels in real-time data recording. Smart recognition of sports modes adds a layer of convenience, allowing you to focus on your activity without interruption.

Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity

Enjoy the perks of fast Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity – connect to your mobile phone and make voice calls, utilise the voice assistant and receive notifications effortlessly. The seamless connection enhances the overall usability of the smart watch, making it an extension of your smart phone.

Alexa Built-In

With Alexa integration, the AMAZFIT GTR 2 takes convenience to the next level. Access information, control smart home devices, and perform tasks with just your voice. The added intelligence transforms the smart watch into a versatile gadget.

Extended Battery Life

Experience the freedom of extended battery life, offering up to 14 days of typical use on a single charge or up to 6.5 days under heavy usage. Say goodbye to frequent charging and embrace the convenience of a long-lasting battery.

Customisable At Every Touch

The AMAZFIT GTR 2 allows customisation at every turn – from multiple UI menus to personalised alerts and notifications, even down to the watch faces. Make the smart watch truly yours, reflecting your style and preferences.

Optimal Health Data Management

The Zepp app complements the AMAZFIT GTR 2, providing a comprehensive platform for health data management. Track your fitness progress, set goals and gain insights into your well-being with the app's user-friendly interface.

Ready for Any Adventure

The smart watch's waterproof and dustproof features make it suitable for all sorts of environments. Whether you're sweating it out in the gym or exploring the great outdoors, the GTR 2 can handle it all.

In everyday life, the AMAZFIT GTR 2 1.39" Smart Watch seamlessly integrates into your daily routine. It's not just a smart watch; it's a wearable piece of smart tech that enhances your lifestyle. From tracking your fitness journey to keeping you connected, the GTR 2 excels in every aspect.

With a price tag of just £79.99, the AMAZFIT GTR 2 stands out as a contender in the smart watch market. It combines cutting-edge technology, smart features, and an attractive design, making it an irresistible choice for gadget enthusiasts. Whether you're a fitness addict or a tech-savvy individual, the GTR 2 offers unparalleled value for money. Click here to buy now!

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