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Tablet Sleeves & Cases
Protect and personalise your iPad or Surface Tab with our sleek and durable tablet cases.

Shopping for the latest Tablet Sleeves & Cases.
Experience the
portability of the latest tablets, Apple iPads and Microsoft Surface Tabs, but ensuring their safety on the go is crucial. Discover our selection of stylish covers and cases, designed for both Apple iPads and Microsoft Surface Tabs. Whether you're eyeing an iPad cover, or craving a Windows Surface Tab case, we have you covered. Our range includes ESR and Baseus tablet covers, offering choices in various sizes and colours.


Are Magnetic Tablet Cases Good?

Magnetic tablet cases are indeed popular for several reasons. Their magnetic closures ensure secure fastening while making it easy to open and close the case. Moreover, magnetic cases often support auto sleep/wake functionality, extending your tablet's battery life by turning off the display when the case is closed.

What are the Benefits of a Tablet Case?

  1. Protection: Tablet cases shield your device from scratches, impacts, and dust, preserving its appearance and functionality.

  2. Enhanced Grip: Many cases offer textured surfaces or materials that provide a better grip, preventing accidental drops.

  3. Portability: Cases often come with built-in stands or options for hands-free viewing, making it easier to enjoy content or video calls.

  4. Customisation: Express your style with a variety of colours, designs and materials that suit your preferences.

  5. Added Functionality: Some cases offer additional features like keyboard integration, stylus pen holders, or card slots, enhancing your tablet's capabilities.

Ready to combine style with protection? Explore our diverse collection of tablet cases at Elevate your tablet's security while adding a touch of your personality to your device. And remember, all tablet cases come with Free Delivery.

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