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LANUZOON Bluetooth Keyboard & Magnetic Case for iPad Pro 11" Review

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

The LANUZOON Bluetooth Keyboard & Magnetic Case is an ingenious combination of a Bluetooth keyboard and a durable protective case, tailored specifically for the iPad Pro 11". This versatile accessory allows users to enhance productivity while safeguarding their valuable device. With its exceptional design and user-friendly features, it promises to be a game-changer for iPad users seeking a blend of functionality and protection.

After unpacking the LANUZOON Bluetooth Keyboard & Magnetic Case, I was instantly surprised by its sleek and sophisticated design. While the perfectly measured dimensions ensured a snug fit around my iPad Pro 11". The case's magnetic attachment was surprisingly strong, providing a secure connection between the case and the iPad. Additionally, the entire package felt remarkably strong but also lightweight, making it ideal for on-the-go usage.

Why settle for anything less when you can take advantage of the below benefits:-

  1. Enhanced Productivity: The keyboard's very smooth and responsive keys significantly improved my typing speed and accuracy, effectively transforming my iPad into a portable workstation.

  2. Versatile Viewing Angles: The strong magnetic case offered multiple adjustable viewing angles, allowing me to effortlessly switch from typing to sitting back and watching media.

  3. Auto Sleep/Wake Function: The smart auto sleep/wake feature conserved my iPad's battery life, automatically putting it to sleep when the case was closed and waking it up upon opening.

  4. Extended Battery Life: The keyboard's efficient power management contributed to an extended battery life of up to 80 hours with the backlight off, ensuring longer usage without the hassle of frequent recharging.

  5. Full Device Protection: The robust materials used in the case provided complete protection against scratches, minor drops and other everyday hazards, giving me peace of mind while carrying my iPad around.

Competitively priced at just £89.99, the LANUZOON Bluetooth Keyboard & Magnetic Case is significantly lower than the leading brand on the market. However, after considering the exceptional design quality, impressive functionality and the added protection it offers to my valuable iPad, I found the price to be justified - so why pay more than you have to?

The LANUZOON Bluetooth Keyboard & Magnetic Case for iPad Pro 11" is an exceptional device that seamlessly combines the convenience of a Bluetooth keyboard with the protection of a strong and durable tablet case. Its sophisticated design, lightweight construction and user-friendly features left a lasting positive impression on me.

If you are an iPad owner seeking to boost productivity and safeguard your device, I highly recommend considering this product. Alternatively, for those looking for more options, do check out the full range of Bluetooth Keyboards and Cases, with prices starting from £49.99, catering to various iPad models.



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